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Specialist Barristers at Alexander Chambers

  • Thomas Oxton
Barrister Thomas Oxton

Called to the Bar 2002

Thomas is a versatile barrister who can provide expertise in the following areas: employment, professional regulatory, education, contractual / commercial law, licensing Law / alcohol licensing, and road traffic related disputes.

[VAT Number: 970 4562 11]

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Thomas has acquired considerable experience of acting for both employers and employees. He has extensive experience of advising or representing SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) and workers of different professions / trades in employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal

Thomas has experience of a wide variety of discrimination claims relating to sex, race, sexual orientation, disability and age. He also deals routinely with claims such as those relating to unfair dismissal, TUPE issues, and Wrongful Dismissal.

Whether you are bringing or whether you are resisting a claim Thomas appreciates that litigation can be a time-consuming, a complicated and a stressful process. In order to assist clients he therefore provides bespoke services tailored to individual client needs and instructions. Thomas's services include:

  • Advising in conference or in writing on how best to avoid, defend or prosecute tribunal proceedings.
  • Drafting grievances for employees wishing to protect their interests through internal procedures as an alternative or prelude to tribunal action.
  • Advising employers on relevant issues that they should consider when contemplating how to deal fairly with grievances that they receive.
  • Advising employers and employees on how to protect their interests through fair disciplinary processes in the workplace.
  • Providing well drafted claims and responses for use in employment tribunal proceedings.
  • Settling grounds of appeal and answers to appeals for use in the Employment Appeal Tribunal.
  • Advocacy before tribunals / courts so as to achieve the best possible results for clients.
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Professional Regulatory

Thomas has experience of representing clients in HPC, NMC, GMC MPTS fitness to practise hearings and interrelated employment proceedings where health professionals are accused of misconduct that has allegedly occurred in the workplace. He also advises healthcare professionals on UK registration law.

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Alcohol Licensing and Licensing Law

Thomas has significant experience of representing clients in alcohol licensing applications and appeals. He advises bars, clubs, pubs, one off event organisers, on making applications to the local authority and on appeals before the licensing committees. Also advises on public opposition matters, police complaints, and customs and excise disputes.

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Thomas acquired valuable experience clerking for selection appeal panels in a county council North West of London. He therefore has insight into how panels deciding education sector appeals determine cases before them and an ability to advise clients how to maximise the chances of success of appeals relating to their children.

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Contractual / Commercial Law

Thomas has represented individuals and companies on numerous occasions where debts and other rights / liabilities have been disputed. He has a special interest in contractual interpretation and related company law issues.

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Road Traffic Related Disputes

Thomas has extensive experience of representing clients in where motorists are accused of negligently causing accidents. He has acted in numerous cases where credit hire was a component of alleged losses and has written published articles on the subject (Credit Hire: Supreme Court Decision Imminent In Copley v Lawn, Maden v Haller [2009] EWCA Civ 580 On Whether The Defendants Have Permission To Appeal Notwithstanding The Claimants' Objections.). Thomas also has experience of related personal injury claims.

Thomas's fees are variable depending on the complexity of each matter and the time that is likely to be spent in preparing paperwork or providing advocacy for clients.

Thomas also accepts instructions under the Bar Council's 'direct access' scheme in appropriate cases thus enabling lay clients to avoid duplicate fees resulting from instructing both a firm of solicitors and a barrister in order to receive professional legal services. Whether he can agree to take a case under the direct access scheme depends on the circumstances of each particular case. However, if you wish to investigate this possibility, you should in the first instance contact Thomas's clerks at Alexander Chambers.

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